Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Films4Conservation wins WildlifeAsia Ramin Award


The team at Cockroach have just won the Ramin Award at WildlifeAsia for their new web-based conservation initiative www.films4.org - Films4Conservation. We would like to thank Ian Redmond OBE (Ape Alliance, UNEP/UNESCO GRASP), Martin Atkin (Greenpeace) and Tom Thistlethwaite (E.I.A.) for their support on this ever growing site.

This is non-profit volunteer staffed initiative and we are looking for talented web designers and programmers to help us take this award winning website to the next level. If you're interested contact: info (at) films4.org

To contribute conservation films to the site please contact: info (at) films4.org

There are growing operational costs associated with running the websites and capturing and uploading media, and for further developing the site. We are also trying to develop a filmmakers fund that can be allocated to local conservationists in developing countries to facilitate their ability to contribute "voices from the field", so to this end donations of both money and equipment will help us to realise the greater potential of this initiative. Please contact info (at) films4.org

Nick & Evie

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