Monday, 31 March 2008

The People of Bukit Lawang: Handcrafted Films & Gekko Studio

Duration: 05:58 Location: North Sumatra, Indonesia.

The film is based in Bukit Lawang, where devastating floods caused over 239 deaths in 2003. The flooding was attributed to illegal logging in the surrounding Gunung Leuser National Park. Since the floods, this village community has been involved in voluntary forest governance enforcement schemes in an attempt to curb illegal logging in the National Park. The community has also started to recognise the important role of ecotourism in the preservation of their surrounding forests. 

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Thursday, 27 March 2008

(French Language) Les Missions de Chanee Part 2/6

« Chanee’s missions », Part 2
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This is the second part! Learn about the python who will soon be back into the wild, meet “Dori” and “Inea”, and come with me into the reserve, protected in partnership with One Voice!

English Resume:

I’m at the project to tag the python before releasing him back into the wild. He is 3.10 meters long. But before to leave for the forest, I want you to meet “Dori”, a very young female gibbon. Her mother has been killed by a python and now we have to take care of Dori who lives at the quarantine complex with Inea. Dori doesn’t like contact with humans. She is very different from Inea who has been hand-raised and who loves human contact...

Finally I leave for the forest with the python. The forest is flooded so I have to go with a small boat. We will release the python inside the “Hampapak Reserve” (1000 hectares of good secondary forest) protected by Kalaweit and One Voice.

Voici la suite ! Apprenez à mieux connaître le python, candidat à la liberté, découvrez « Dori » et « Inea » et partez avec moi pour une petite balade en forêt, dans la réserve créée en partenariat avec One Voice !

Monday, 24 March 2008

(French Language) Les Missions de Chanee Part 1/6

Les Missions de Chanee Ep1 Part 1/6, Kalaweit
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French Language (English Summary Below)
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« Chanee’s Missions », Part 1
This is the first part –each part is 10 minutes long- of the French serial: “Les Missions de Chanee”. This is an exclusivity of this blog for all the Kalaweit friends, so you can watch the daily activities of Kalaweit with a new episode every week during 6 weeks.
This is a French serial, but I will give you a resume in English for each episode, so you can understand it.

English Resume. « Les Missions de Chanee Ep 1, Part 1 »
In Palangka Raya, I get a call from the Kalaweit team at the project. A Python try to kill one of our gibbons, and the team catches him. I need to go to the project to tag the python and release him far away from the project, in the south of the Hampapak Reserve. I have to go to the project with the Kalaweit speed-boat. On the way, impact of the deforestation is clearly visible… Some river gets brown because of the erosion and loggers send the logs all over the river… But the engine stop and I get stuck in the middle of nowhere…
At the project I find the team with the python. Every year 3 to 4 pythons come close to the project trying to kill our animals. This python can easily kill a human and eat a child of 4 to 5 years old. In the past I found a python who was eating a wild pig...
To be continued…

« Les Missions de Chanee », Première partie
Voici le premier volet d’une série que les amis de Kalaweit vont pouvoir découvrir toutes les semaines !
Le premier épisode est un film en 6 parties (10 minutes chacune). Suivez donc la saga avec une nouvelle partie toutes les semaines pendant 6 semaines !
Vivez ainsi les aventures du projet Kalaweit comme jamais…
Le concept de cette série à vocation d’être présenté aux chaînes françaises… A bon entendeur…

Friday, 14 March 2008

Under Threat: Sarawak's Forest and Forest People

Part 3 of 3 in the Gekko Studio Season
Runtime: 8 minutes 15 seconds
NB: There is a 10 second test tone at the beginning of the video - don't worry it is not a corrupted file.

Gekko Studio presents Under Threat. 
A look at the social impact of deforestation in the north of Borneo - in the Malaysian state of Sarawak.

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Thursday, 6 March 2008

Community Logging: Answering the Forest Crisis

Part 2 of 3 in the Gekko Studio Season

Runtime: 12 minutes 47 seconds.
NB: There is a 10 second test tone at the beginning of the video - don't worry it is not a corrupted file.

Community-based logging in South East Sulawesi, Indonesia. Local people talk about how properly managed local initiatives provide a less corrupt and more sustainable solution that large logging companies, and help eradicate illegal logging. 

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Saturday, 1 March 2008

Sui Utik, From Generation to Generation

Part 1 of 3 in the Gekko Studio Season.

Forest Watch Indonesia and Gekko Studio bring us a story of the village of Sui Utik in Indonesian Borneo. Here is a place that exists and interacts with the 'modern world' whilst appreciating the benefits of maintaing a sustainable balance with their environment. These people are fighting to protect their forests from the timber hungry logging concessions that wish to clear this land in the name of 'progress'.

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