Thursday, 27 March 2008

(French Language) Les Missions de Chanee Part 2/6

« Chanee’s missions », Part 2
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This is the second part! Learn about the python who will soon be back into the wild, meet “Dori” and “Inea”, and come with me into the reserve, protected in partnership with One Voice!

English Resume:

I’m at the project to tag the python before releasing him back into the wild. He is 3.10 meters long. But before to leave for the forest, I want you to meet “Dori”, a very young female gibbon. Her mother has been killed by a python and now we have to take care of Dori who lives at the quarantine complex with Inea. Dori doesn’t like contact with humans. She is very different from Inea who has been hand-raised and who loves human contact...

Finally I leave for the forest with the python. The forest is flooded so I have to go with a small boat. We will release the python inside the “Hampapak Reserve” (1000 hectares of good secondary forest) protected by Kalaweit and One Voice.

Voici la suite ! Apprenez à mieux connaître le python, candidat à la liberté, découvrez « Dori » et « Inea » et partez avec moi pour une petite balade en forêt, dans la réserve créée en partenariat avec One Voice !

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